Schwip Schwap

Schwip Schwap is Sulky's favorite drink. It is a cross between cola and orange soda. It can be mixed with vodka to create a Vodka Schwip Schwap.

For a healthy option, why not try Sugar Free Schwip Schwap?

Schwip Schwap is a great soft drink

A regular Schwip Schwap is certainly a solid option.

Sulky thinks Schwip Schwap is WAY better than Mezzo Mix.

Sulky is a horse. He is often sad. He doesn't often have Schwip Schwap.

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Sulky the Horse

Watch a German Mezzo Mix Commercial

Watch a German Mezzo Mix Commercial

It's all only forms of Spezi, the original.


You decide what the best option is.

Comparing Mezzo Mix to its super lame competitors

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